The Voices of Change

leadership2.jpgLes Potter recently commented on my blog post about the “sleaze factor” in Super Bowl advertisements. He made a point that my generation’s role in PR may just be to help bring about enlightened change in marketing. It’s hard for me to think of a more gratifying way to use my degree. But are Millennials, the generation born between 1982 and 2000, up to the challenge of bringing about positive change in the world?

Based on daily interactions with my peers, I think Millennials are ready and willing to have a profound impact on society. According to Robert DeBard, “Millennials show a more positive attitude toward the coming challenges in the world, and their ideas of rewards will focus on meaningful work.” Millennials are active in their communities, involved in extracurricular activities that promote leadership, and think in terms of the greater good.

Students are optimistic about the future and are eager to pave the way to a better society. Just look at the current presidential race. Has a presidential election ever captivated young voters the way this one has? Young people are flocking to the polls in record numbers to voice their opinions and move the country in a new direction. We’re practically shouting for change.

I sense change is in the air with the arrival of the Millennials into the workforce. Our confidence, goal-oriented approach to life, and desire for fulfilling work will lead us to success. We have the tools to leave footprints deeper than any generation before us. But will we be the generation that brings about progressive change, not only in marketing and advertising, but in other facets of society? Well, I think we’re up for the challenge. I know I am.

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One response to “The Voices of Change

  1. Up for the challenge?

    Yes, you are. And from what I am learning about you from your blog, you will be a formidable force in our profession and in the world at large.

    Good for you.

    Good for us all.


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