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Job Seekers Gravitate Toward Socially Responsible Companies

I graduate in five weeks, and I’m on the lookout for a job in the public relations field. Call me picky, but before I fire my resume off, a company has to pass a test: it must be socially responsible. And I don’t just mean green. In my opinion, companies have a role to play in fostering human rights, supporting philanthropies, preserving the environment, embracing cultural diversity, and treating their employees well. Corporations can’t act as isolated economic entities detached from broader society.

I’m not alone in believing so. According to a recent study by Care2, 73 percent of workers said it was “very important” to work for a company they believe is socially responsible. In addition, 48 percent of employees say they would work for less pay if they could work for a socially responsible company. Finally, 35 percent report having actually left a company because they believed it was not socially responsible.

Socially responsible companies more often than not enjoy an enhanced reputation, increased customer loyalty, improved employee morale, and greater support from investors.

How important is it for you to work for a socially responsible company? If it ranks high on your priority list, check out Care2 JobFinder. It’s the world’s largest listing of jobs at eco-friendly, socially responsible, and nonprofit organizations.