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Coca-Cola Ads Inspire People to Make Good Things Happen

come1.gifCoca-Cola launched a new set of ads last week that invite consumers to join the company in community projects. Innovative ads were featured on television and in newspapers to highlight the company’s role as a corporate citizen. Coke’s involvement with the Boys and Girls Club of America, the Coca-Cola Scholarship Foundation, and its sponsorship of community sports programs were featured in the advertisements.

The ads are part of an overall “Coke Side of Life” campaign launched in 2006 by Coke. The ads are an invitation for viewers to live on the positive side of life and feature Coca-Cola as a socially responsible company committed to improving communities.

“As consumers push to learn more about the products they buy and the companies behind them, Coca-Cola needs to stress its community involvement,” said Katie Bayne, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for Coca-Cola North America. “Consumers want to know that Coca-Cola cares.”

The campaign also includes a Web site, which asks people to join the effort to make good things happen in their community. The Web site gives resources for people to support education, promote active lifestyles, and protect the planet. Coca-Cola also plans to add a ZIP code search where people can find out how to participate in specific projects in their area later this year.

Coca-Cola’s “Coke Side of Life” campaign is a refreshing, colorful explosion of energy and optimism. Its message is Coke is happiness in a bottle. The campaign strays away from violent, sex-filled commercials and inspires people to make a difference in their communities. The “Coke Side Life” campaign is an example of how to attract brand loyalty through positive images and messages that inspire.

Below is a “Coke Side of Life” advertisement that was featured during the 2007 Super Bowl. It continues to be a fan favorite.